Fire Damage Photo Gallery


Fire Steps

Stop, Drop, & Roll. Then call the fire department; they save homes and lives. Once the fire department has controlled the fire it’s clean up time. Then SERVPRO steps in; we do everything we can to have everyone’s life return back to normal. This includes restoration, demos, odor removal, cleaning, and much more.  


Smoke & Soot

Has the after effect of a fire left a smokey smell and soot in your home? How do you get that smell out of your clothes? How do you clean your ceilings and walls without damaging anything else in the room? Call SERVPRO of Culpeper & Fauquier Counties.


Burnt to the springs

Do you like cozying up on the couch with a warm blanket and some popcorn to watch a movie, or maybe gathering as a family to watch TV on the couch, or being a couch potato all weekend after a hard weeks work? Well how can you do any of that if your couch is burnt to the springs? Call SERVPRO and we will help get your house back to normal "Like it never even happened."


Giving Back

Didlake helps those with disabilities to grow and improve on life skills. When a fire was thrown at them, we did a structure clean up and we were happy to give back to a company who helps the community.

Smoke Damage


A fire can start when you least expect it. It may start small, but things can quickly turn into flames, literally.

Did you know that having things to close to the stove is a hazard?

If you didn’t, you can learn from this experience.

Something as minuscule as a card board box, was too close to the stove and caught on fire. Thank goodness for the local fire marshals who went into action and put the fire out! But what do you do once the fire is out, your belongings are affected, and your entire apartment now has smoke and water damage? Call SERVPRO of Culpeper & Fauquier Counties.

Pack out and storage

As a part of a fire cleanup, SERVPRO of Culpeper and Fauquier counties can clean, pack, move and store affected and non affected contents.

All contents are re-packed and stored in our temperature controlled storage space.